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PHO 251 Documentary Photography


Most Adobe Tutorials will be here:


Show your final cut

Final cut must be Uploaded to YouTube and shared with Class

Prof Dalton can upload your docs to MCCC Photo YouTube Account

Week 13

Editing – Editing – Editing

Be sure to complete your group collaboration grading.

Week 12

Premiere Pro Review for those who need it

Editing – Editing – Editing – FINISH SHOOTING DOC

Week 11

Premiere Pro Review for those who need it

Present your mock “Trailers”

Editing – Editing – Editing

Week 10 Shoot docs

Week 9 Shoot docs


Weeks 7 & 8 Shoot docs

Start shooting your doc.

I will be in the classroom or on location with some of you

We are now in the shooting phase of the Doc Photo Projects

Week 6

Finalize Proposals/Groups

Read & Review:

Keywords: Dana Shutz Emmett Till

Compare to Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad

Week 5

Write and Review Project Proposals in Class

More Premiere Pro

Event Shooting – Model Releases

Model Release Guidelines

Model Release -Long Version

Model Release -Short Friendlier Version


Week 4

Continue Premiere Pro Lecture and Editing Techniques

Music – Audio

Review Exporting

Discuss Ruin Porn – Exploitation – Commission


Week 3

Shoot a Practice Interview for real this time

Interview Strategies


Homework for next week:

Watch: (download materials if you need some sample pieces)


Week 2

The DSLR as a Video Camera – Bring in your Video capable cameras if you own one.

Frame Rate Vs. Shutter Speed:

Rolling Shutter:

Avoid Rolling Shutter:

Short Doc 101:


We will practice in class using your own footage.  Bring your cameras to shoot a couple of clips.  Bring Headphones as well.

Week 1

Lecture: Introduction and review of syllabus; Discussion and presentation of documentary work.

Homework: Get your camera


Watch Prom (DVD)

A Beginning – Middle – End


You will have to attend open computer lab hours to complete your assignments. Open lab times will be posted.

Bring cameras to every class.

You must have a Mercer Email Account setup for class correspondence.

Syllabus (subject to change)

Required Shooting: You must participate in the class documentary shooting during class time and on your own.


Where to Buy

External USB hard drive – Make Sure they are formatted for EXFAT if you also use for a PC.

You are not required to buy a digital camera to complete this course. There will be some digital cameras available for you to borrow from this department and you can scan film.  But you do need a means of shooting if there are no cameras available for loan.

Assignments will be evaluated according to the Grade Report Key for that Assignment

Semester Grade Breakdown:

25% – Assignments

25% – Midterm Presentation

50% – Final Presentation