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Lab & Borrowing

Policies for using the photo lab and borrowing equipment:

STUDIO TIME REQUEST FORM (For faculty and staff)

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FA107 PHOTO LAB: (Film Processing must begin before the last hour of lab. Film Loading must be completed before that.)

OPEN ES Computer Labs

Use of the photo lab facilities and equipment is granted to students who are enrolled in PHO (and other approved) courses provided they agree to the policies and procedures stated in this document.

o FA 107 Open Lab Hours are posted here and outside of the lab front door.

o Lab closings for holidays, final lab, or other reasons will be posted inside and outside of the lab.


Phone:  609-570-3715

Lab Manager: Kathy Keelan


You must have your valid ID and be registered for a photo class to use the lab.


Students who have used the photo studio during class time instruction may also use the studio during open lab hours. A sign-up sheet will be posted outside of FA 107. If the Studio Photo class is running in the current semester, those students have priority over the time slots and you may get bumped for your time slot if necessary. You will be notified if this occurs.


Must be signed in to before you begin working and signed out of when you are finished. Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and returning their workspace back to order. Filters returned, negative carriers put back in place and any refuse discarded from the enlarger stations and film loading room. Any chemical beakers that have been used should be rinsed and put back in place. Absolutely no food or beverages are permitted in the darkroom or chemical areas. This includes the entire finishing area.


Must begin before the last hour of lab.

BORROWING EQUIPMENT (Read this section carefully before signing this document)

Check-outs & returns will NOT be handled during the first 1/2 hour or the last hour of open lab.

All borrowed equipment is due back on the date provided on the equipment loan sheet. Equipment loan periods are typically 1 week but that may be adjusted depending upon demand or the value of the equipment. If that date does not fall upon an open lab or the lab is closed that day, you have until the next open lab to return the equipment. Upon returning the equipment, the student may have the option of checking it back out again if the demand is low.

Late returns of up to 2 lab periods will result in a one week suspension of privileges. Late returns past two lab periods may result in a full suspension pending appeal from the student’s professor.


Students are financially responsible for the safe return of all of the equipment and accessories borrowed or used during lab. Broken equipment and accessories will be assessed upon return for the student’s portion of liability. Missing or broken equipment or accessories that are assessed to be caused by negligence and not caused by normal wear and tear will be entirely billed to the student’s school account.


Failure to settle outstanding loans by the last open lab of the current semester may result in one or more of the following:

• An incomplete for your class grade

• A substantial replacement fee placed on your college account

• A hold on future class registration

• A stolen property report with local police

• A lifetime ban on using the photo lab as well as borrowing equipment

SUMMER Equipment Borrowing Policies Addendum

Summer courses do not have open photo lab times. All equipment must be returned by the last day of class to avoid the penalties listed above.